Welcome to the Church of England Alphabetical Companion

This companion aims to provide a glossary (or dictionary) of many of the terms used in the context of the governance of the Church of England.   Like all organisations, the Church of England has its own specialised vocabulary that can be baffling to those new to it.   It is hoped that the companion will provide a user-friendly way in to this vocabulary.

It is recognised that it will be incomplete.   Probably every user will find gaps that are significant for him (or her!).   Please let the compiler know of such cases so that they can be considered for inclusion.

For whom is this compiled?

The companion is intended primarily for those involved in the governance of the Church of England at whatever level – PCC, Deanery Synod, Diocesan Synod, General Synod – and all clergy or laity who take more than a passing interest in such governance.   Most will find it helpful, but especially those entering its ranks for the first time.

Further Reading

There are references throughout the text to original sources, notably Measures of the General Synod.   Most of these are on the Church of England websitewww.cofe.anglican.org  - which is well worth visiting.   The annually published The Church of England Year Book is an invaluable source of information and includes a wealth of detailed information about both central church and diocesan organisations      A Guide to the Church of England by Dr Martin Davie (Mowbray 2008) provides an excellent easy to read account of the Church of England in its historical setting.