Does the Church of England need a Companion?

Today we are launching the Companion to the Church of England website.  This has been a labour of love over many years by Keith Alsop.

Originally the idea was to go to print, but in these days of WWW and and electronic communication, it was felt that this would be a practical way of getting to a far wider audience and a way of making the material avaliable more readily to those casual as well as serious searchers after knowledge.  We are grateful to CBJ Digital Ltd who have built this website and are hosting it for us.  They build good websites - (they tell me!) and have built this one pro bono.

If you have comments to make about this new site, then please do respond using the feedback mechanism.  Reflections will be moderated and the nice ones will be published!

Good browsing and thankyou for visiting!    

Keith Alsop.

Posted on: Monday, 23rd August 2010
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On the 23rd of August 2010 at 3:33pm, Malcolm said...

Well done, Keith. I am sure many will benefit from your labours and wisdom encapsulated in this work.

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