Articles of religion

A necessary read for all members of the Church of England!   The bases of the doctrine of the Church of England are the Apostles’ Creed, the Thirty Nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer.   The first of these needs no comment.   The last contains the authorised services, including those for ordination to the priesthood and the consecration of bishops.   The middle one constitutes the most coherent statement of the theology of the Church of England.   It is a child of its time – the Reformation – and thus contains some fairly forthright remarks about the beliefs of the Roman Catholic church, which do not commend themselves to today’s readers.   Those apart, however, it is a robust statement of the evangelical faith and well worth reading.   It is sufficient in its coverage of major theological matters for the late W H Griffiths Thomas to have written a commentary on it and to have been able to entitle that commentary “The Principles of Theology”.   The articles are particularly strong on the inspiration and authority of Scripture, salvation, and the sacraments as well as covering matters like the Mass, vestments etc.

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