There are lots of these, in all shapes and sizes.   Diocesan bishops are the senior clergy in their diocese, spiritually responsible for the cure of souls in their diocese.   They should be the focus of unity, the defenders of the orthodox faith, and teachers of it.   The bishop is president of the diocesan synod.   Diocesan bishops are appointed by the Crown on the advice of the Prime Minister from two names submitted by the Crown Nominations Commission, on which there are a group of permanent members to which are added representatives of the relevant diocese for the discussion of specific vacancies.   Suffragan bishops are appointed by the diocesan bishop to assist him in his duties, often having responsibility for a particular geographical area of the diocese.   Similarly, a diocesan bishop may be helped by retired bishops living in the diocese, who are given the title of assistant bishop.   Bishops are addressed as “The Right Reverend the Bishop of ….”.

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