Church of England

We shall need to be selective here!   The Church of England is the established church of the realm (in Scotland, the established church is the Church of Scotland, which is Presbyterian in ecclesiology).   This has typically laid responsibilities on it and its ministers eg the incumbent of a parish has the duty of ministering to all the inhabitants in that parish; subject to some reservations, he must baptise and marry them and conduct their funeral services, if so requested.   Church of England clergy tend to be involved in some of the ceremonies of local government (and central government, for that matter eg some bishops sit in the House of Lords; the senior chaplains to the armed forces are drawn from the Church of England clergy).   The Church of England, through its archbishops and bishops, and through the use of Westminster Abbey for the ceremony, has played a prominent place in the Coronation of the Sovereign.   It still has, through the General Synod, a legislative link with Parliament.

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