Faculty jurisdiction is the process that allows the Church of England to care for alterations to its buildings outside the secular Listed Building system.   If a parish wishes to make alterations to the church, discussions must take place with the appropriate archdeacon.   If the changes proposed are minor, the archdeacon himself can authorise them; if they are major, the proposals must be submitted to the Chancellor of the diocese who will authorise the work, if approved, by the issue of a legal document known as a faculty.   The Chancellor will be advised on technical matters by the Diocesan Advisory Committee, a voluntary body, usually serviced by a member of the diocesan staff and having as members appropriate professionals such as architects, surveyors, and structural engineers.   It is reckoned that this faculty system is more rigorous than the secular system it replaces; it certainly is a privilege the church is fortunate to deploy and is well worth using conscientiously.   The system includes provision for the hearing of objections to the proposals and for their resolution. 

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