Pastoral Measure

This is the measure under which a number of possibilities are opened for the reorganisation of parishes.   It is, to a large extent, a reaction to the diminishing number of ordained clergy and, therefore, of parish priests.   Each diocese has the duty of electing a Pastoral Committee to which proposals for reorganisation have to be referred for discussion and, if deemed appropriate, recommended to the bishop.   The possibilities include bringing parishes together in teams or groups, suspending the appointment of a new incumbent following a vacancy, or, as a consequence of reorganisation, making a church redundant.   The committee consists of both clergy and laity and includes the bishop or his representative and the archdeacon in whose archdeaconry the proposed reorganisation lies.   Certain recommendations of a Pastoral Committee have to be approved by the Privy Council before they can be effected.   Reorganisation results, sometimes, in truly magnificent announcements like the following, from the ”Church Times” of 13 August 2004:   “The Revd XYZ, assistant curate in the Daventry, Ashby St Ledgers, Braunston, Catesby, Hellidon, Staverton, and Welton Team Ministry, to be Assistant Priest of Market Overton, remaining also Assistant Priest designate of Oakham with Hambleton and Egleton and Braunston with Brooke, with particular responsibility for Langham, Market Overton, and Ashwell (Peterborough)”.   See Pastoral Measure 1968 and Pastoral Measure 1983

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