About the Compiler

The complier, Keith Alsop, was active in the governance of the Church of England for some 40 years up to around 1985.   He served on the General Synod 1972-1985 and during that time on a number of the Synod’s committees.   He was Lay vice-president of the London Diocesan Synod and chairman of the House of Laity 1982-1988; had been active in the Willesden Area and the Harrow Deanery; and began all this on the PCC of Emmanuel, Northwood, where he was also churchwarden 1958-1963.   He only wishes that there had been a companion like this when he started his own involvement.

The critical user of the companion, on reading the last paragraph, may feel that the companion is likely to be out of date.   That may well be, but the Church of England moves somewhat slowly and not a lot has changed in a manner that would have altered this companion; the compiler has also had it read by people still in the swim and has made appropriate changes to the original draft.   He will be grateful for any corrections – or additions -  that readers think necessary.

If you can contribute to its improvement and usefulness then do use the contact form.